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Key stuck in a lock?

What do you do when your key gets stuck inside a door lock at midnight on Friday?

Has your weekend plans gone down the drain? Or is there someone you can call, like an emergency locksmith Stretford? Hold on, there’s a few things you need to now first.

Can a locksmith Stretford help you?

Yes, any respectable locksmiths Stretford will be able to sort this out, especially if the key is stuck inside a Yale lock or a lock using a Euro cylinder. A locksmith will need to take the lock apart, but the lock will still be salvageable, unless you mess.

What happens if I break the stuck key?

If you ignored out advice and turned the key or try to pull it out, the key will break. Once it breaks, there is a high chance that the lock will have to be replaced. This is because of damages caused on the internal mechanism or shears, in which case, even the best locksmiths in Hale or a locksmith in Sale around Greater Manchester won’t be able to save it.

Once you’ve reached this stage, your will be forced to look for an emergency locksmith in Old Trafford or a 24 hour locksmith in Urmston, since expert help will be needed to solved the issue.

The good news is, lock replacement takes just minutes, so there’s that. Had you listened to our advice though, you wouldn’t need to pay for a new lock.

How can I make things worse for an Altrincham locksmith or a Bowdon locksmith?

The worst thing you can do is apply pressure and try to force the key to turn. The second worse thing is by forcefully trying to pull the key out. In either instance, not only will the shears be further damaged, but the key might also be broken.