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Emergency residential locksmith services

If you’re looking for an emergency locksmith Bolton, then look no further – we’re here to help.

Our 24hr locksmith Wigan service is always alert and ready to help customers locked out of their property, whether it’s on a Monday night or Sunday morning. We provide unmatched locksmiths Wigan service for homes, office and vehicles.

Do I need to know the type of locks I have?

No, you don’t. The locksmith Wigan staff will be able to identify the type of locks used in your premise from just a glance, regardless of whether you called an Ashton-in-Makerfield locksmith or Atherton locksmith.

How long do repairs or replacement take for 24 hour locksmith in Winstanley?

We stock a huge range of locks and parts in our service vehicle, so we’ll be able to quickly identify the types of equipment need. The actual physical replacement process takes just minutes, irrespective of whether you contacted the locksmith in Shevington or locksmiths in Ince-in-Makerfield.

However, repairs might take longer since there are many variables involved. We would have to take into consideration the platform of the lock (such as the door, and the type of material). We might also need to saw and drill the knob holes. On the lock itself, we may need to fractionally shave the shears, or realign the pins and plugs. These are simple but potentially time-consuming task. Nevertheless, our on-site repairs rarely take longer than a couple of hours.

How long do locksmiths take to open locks at my reside or workplace?

A locksmith Hindley or a Tyldesley locksmith will give you the same answer – minutes. Yes, it’s true. Picking a lock is very fast, once you’ve learned the skillset and gained some experience. Not as fast as you see in movies of course, where cat burglars take and spies take seconds to unlock doors using just a single piece of needle.

Will you damage my locks or doors?

It depends on the nature of the damage, but generally, no. Most lock picking techniques will leave the locks in working order. As such, even an emergency locksmith in Standish-with-Langtree who has been working for 20 hours won’t damage your locks. They will also try very hard to ensure your door, windows, or latches won’t get damaged during the repair or replacement process. That said, a broken key inside a keyhole might cause permanent damage on a lock.

If you have any other questions, please give us a call today.